THE 1 Lightwell

Organized by Project Lightwell Foundation

THE1 lightwell is an ongoing project of nominations from people like you. Not every child feeling alone and afraid is associated with a larger organization or known situation. THE1 lightwell represents children we encounter in our everyday lives who need the reminder of their unequivocal value and worth irregardless of circumstance.

Each time 40 nominated children have been financially covered ($40 per rabbit and lightwell experience gift box =$1600), the 40 nominees individually receive their gifts per the address given at nomination.

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Click to Learn More about Kelly's heart behind THE1 Lightwell.

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*No funding will be directed to a specific child; only a specific lightwell. Each nominee will be placed in THE1 lightwell in the order the nominations are received and given his/her rabbit when that particular THE1 lightwell is completed.

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