10 – 9 – 8 – 7…

The last thing I successfully launched was my giddy 6-year old onto our bed. She bounced and laughed, then landed. On our way we went. It took 7 seconds.

This is not that kind of launch.

From countless sketches trampled by my toddler, to thousands of handmade, herbal-dyed, sherpa rabbits offering sustainability to women in India…

From hundreds of words written on any suitable surface, to a perfect one sewn into the ear of a loyal friend waiting to meet its child in some distant dark…

It’s taken 2 years to launch this dream – this new way for kids to be chosen and seen; this invitation for children to see and to believe.

Welcome to Project Lightwell. I’m so glad you’re here, too.

With a perfect word launched to its perfect place, I see a new thing bounce around the planet. May it never land.

I hear children laugh with wonder when confronted with words that build up, brighten spaces, and promise value with unequivocal dignity. May not one of us go on our way unchanged.

One word, one ear, one child at a time – I see a generation who projects light well. It may take years. Or 7 seconds. But this is that kind of launch.

You are invited to disrupt the dark.


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