If you’ve read Our Story, you are already aware of the thousands of rabbit ears on my ceiling. The view alone rights my heart posture. It redefines success. And it propels the adventure forward, with hope, to impact as many innumerable young hearts.

If every adult determines to disrupt the dark surrounding just one child, we’ll not have ceilings enough to record their names. Neither scaffolding nor cross beams will be able to bear the weight of such glory. This is my hope.

While the world wavers, we get to bravely build into a generation that will not wobble in its brokenness. We get to intentionally steward what we hold, both the tangible and intangible, to invest in a generation of little people. Why?

So we have a world of big people unafraid to speak the light into the darkness.

Take even the tiniest light in the dark of night, and we give it a name. It holds power. Wonder. Hope, even. I see tens of thousands of spaces invaded with light that shines when we say Yes to irrational gifts.

Like glorious binoculars, Project Lightwell takes what feels so far away and brings it up close. We fearlessly trumpet, There it is! The Light is with you!

Like countless sparks swiftly setting ablaze a greater landmass, I invite you to pave the way for one of these contagious flickers to swiftly set ablaze a greater future.

Here’s our opportunity to remind each and every child, “It’s true. The miracle is you.”

Will you bravely step into stories beckoning illumination?

With every rabbit donated, you speak unwavering hope into the heart of a child.

The dark cannot overcome such love.


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