THE 1 Lightwell

If I could personally tackle just one of our lightwells, I choose THE1. It’s bottomless.

The consequence of THE1 child who remains unseen, whose darkness is deceptively doable; we encounter it every time we meet a man who isn’t confident & kind. We see it every time a woman lives from a lesser version of her whole self.

A lack of intentional focus on these children today, only hastens the adult epidemics of tomorrow. Seeing THE1 will change that!

I see THE1 with bad dreams & THE1 without any dreams at all. I see THE1 whose only pair of shoes are way too small. I see THE1 who isn’t as fast as the rest. THE1 who struggles to pronounce the letter “s.”

I see THE1 whose value is wrapped in achievement; whose athletic performance dictates self-worth. THE1 whose grandma passed; whose best friend moved away. I see THE1 whose older sibling now works all day. THE1 who’s called Trouble but who’s had no stable home.

I see THE1 who survived the crash but shudders in her car seat. THE1 who cannot hear but longs to be heard. I see THE1 who’s called rich but has needs of his own. I see THE1 who craves a staying friend, someone to hear the stories and embark on new ones.

Tens of THE1s live alongside us, daily. Maybe hundreds. THE1s who aren’t exactly hidden but who’ve yet to learn they’re found… Let’s find them!

When you choose this posture of seeing, who’s THE1 you see?

Nominate this child today, & give the unforgettable experience of being chosen.

Every time you remind a child, you are Loved – no matter what, you disrupt the dark.

And every time you disrupt the dark, our world gets brighter.

And every time our world gets brighter, your life will, too.


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